Rudyards Tea House

We are committed to being local and independent. using a large selection of locally made cakes. Supporting our community. We have a large bright and open Tea house with easy access for all.

After spending 7 years working in healthcare administration I felt it was time for a change and decided to sell up and travel; see as much of the world as I could. Explore the unknown, well unknown to I, one could hardly become Stanley or Livingston these days. But I was determined to have the best adventure I could have, meet new people, cultures and societies. Make new friends the world over. And that is just what I did.Travelling with my backpack across European cities and little known towns and then heading to South East Asia. Returning with a passion for life and adventure and of course my love of tea.My aim upon returning was to start a new high street trend and love affair with the good old cuppa. All I needed was a shop and a good quality loose leaf teas and we would be well away. But things are always simpler in our minds and it would take a good deal more planning. So Rudyards sprung into its existence